My naughty little cousin

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How my “affair” with my naughty little cousin started

At every summer, we go to my grandparents house at the beach. Me and my naughty little cousin were 16 years old ath that time, we “played” vey much, etc. I had 3 more cousins, I was the only man among those hot girls. Her and I felt some desire for each other, until one day, when we were playing videogames, we were tickling each other, ended up in a very hot kiss.

indiaWe slept at the dinner room, at the bedrooms there were beds, next to each other, my other 2 little cousins were already sleeping, and me and my hot cousin, once we were “olders”, we stayed at the computer.

My uncle got home at something like 3 o’clock in the morning, and went to the computer. Me and my naughty little cousin laid at the bed, and started tickling and playing. I got her bear, she tried to get it back…. so we kissed again, taking care to our uncle not to see us. Under the blanket, she started a handjob at me, in some instants I “came”, so she went to the bathroom, and went to our grandparents bedroom…

One more day with my naughty little cousin

The other day, I got hurt and went to the doctor, at 1 o’clock in the morning. When I’ve got back, I was right into the bedroom, where my mother and I were sleeping. This time, there was just my naughty little cousin at home. She came and asked if I was ok, I said yes, only my arm was paining. She laid at my side, pulled me over her, and I, obviously, got her hand over my penis – erect and about to explode.. lol. The bedroom door was open, and I had an eye at her and other at the door.

I put my hand over her belly, after my hand was getting down and down, until I got under her panties. I started to rub my fingers at her vagina, but once I was not experienced, I just started to “stimulate” her parts. She didn’t have her pussy shaved, but with just some pubes, what left me very, but very horny, very “turning-on”. I continued masturbating her, so we saw a shadow, it was my mom coming to sleep.

beachWell. now I miss so much those summers with my cousin, I regret until today of not having penetrated my naughy little cousin. That makes me very angry, because I had the chance to bang her. I argue with myself because of that. Nowadays, she is dating, will get engajed soon.

I just desire to have another time like that with her, and do everything I always wished, that I didn’t know at the good times. Seriously, she makes me very horny, we had some times even at the elevator, I couldn’t resist. I consider myself a truly sex maniac, I have a very big desire for sex…

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